Clients of Intelligraphics Incorporated or its predecessor, Puk Consulting Services, include or have included the following organizations. Those clients for which no work summary is provided have required confidentiality concerning the work that has been or is being done for them.

Client Summary


Presented seminars and symposia in Geneva, Switzerland.

Computer Associates
ISSCO Division

Designed and developed the prototype for the DYNAMICS product.

Control Data Corporation


Digital Equipment Corporation



Presented seminars in England and West Germany.

Evans & Sutherland

Developed PHIGS PLUS/Ada Binding.

Harris Corporation

Reviewed and advised on the design and development of the Graphical Kernel System which was being implemented in Ada.

Institute for Defense Analyses

Participated in the design of the next generation of Ada-based graphics environments for use within the WWMCCS Information System.

Megatek Corporation

Advised on new graphics accelerator products with state-of-the-art image quality and an accompanying design of a comprehensive set of PHIGS extensions. Many of these extensions have since been incorporated into the ISO PHIGS standard.

National Semiconductor


Naval Postgraduate School
MOVES Institute

Developed standards for humanoid animation especially in the conversion of existing work to ISO quality and form.

Optigraphics Corporation

Designed and developed projects using Microsoft Windows. Designed and implemented new internal graphics interface and applications that used it including various metafile interpreters.

SAI Technology Co.


Defense Modeling and Simulation Office

Primary editor for many specifications in the SEDRIS family. Escorted these standards through the ISO standardization process. Includes work on the following standards:  SRM, EDCS, and SEDRIS and associated language bindings and encodings.

SMART Corporation

Developed prototype user interface software for electronic home control system.

Template Graphics Software

Designed and developed enhancements to the TEMPLATE and FIGARO product lines.

U. S. Army
Corps of Engineers

Developed extensions to commercial graphics package.

Web3D Consortium

Provided technical participation and editing services in the development of several International Standards including VRML and X3D.

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